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Hi There, I’m Elle!

I am a spacial designer in New York City with Rockwell Group where I focus on luxury hospitality projects. I am a two time Pratt Institute graduate, mostly recently in 2019 with an MFA in Interior Design and an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design in 2015. Prior to begin my career as a spatial designer, I was a designer at AERIN where I worked on the brand’s home decor and lighting collections as well as their showrooms around the world.


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residential | dual family townhouse

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Outside of Design…

I’m passionate about cooking and baking. I devour Masterclass videos on French baking, Italian wine and I love experimenting with my own recipes. I believe that wine and food has an incredible ability to bring people together and I host intimate gatherings to make that happen.

I love art and ceramics, it’s a way for me to be hands on and creative and be able to bring something from concept to reality. On the weekends, I enjoy going to Broadway shows and various art exhibitions around NYC.

Traveling is a big part of who I am, despite my fear of flying. I was born and raised in Beijing and came to the US for university. As a third-culture kid, I love exploring new places, cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds.

I’m also very involved with Pratt, Im the Social Media Chair of Pratt Alumni NYC Network and I am the editor of Pratt Unscripted, an online blog published by Pratt Alumni NYC Network with the mission to connect, engage and inspire alumni and students in NYC.


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